Owen Sound Tree Removal Services

The benefit of tree removal includes: opening up beautiful scenery, removing hazardous trees from your property and making your front yard more appealing. We believe that removing a tree provides improvement for your home and property.  Our team provides professional Owen Sound Tree Services.

We Specialize In Tree Removal All Year Round!


Hazardous Tree Removal

We remove hazardous trees near infrastructure that may cause damage.

Tree Removal Services in Owen Sound

Cosmetic/Functional Tree Removal

We also remove tree to improve the look of customers properties or to provide space.

How does Owen Sound tree removal work begin?

1. Contact Us

Phone: 519-375-6274

2. Estimate and Timeline

We do a free estimate to evaluate the tree and ways to remove it. Assessment for tree pruning and tree health can also occur during this estimate. An estimated time line is given as to when the job will be completed.

3. Notification and Removal

The customer is then notified 2-3 days prior to job completion. The day of the job involves an efficient completion of tree removal, full clean up and a satisfied customer.

Owen Sound Tree Removal

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