Owen Sound area Tree Pruning

Tree pruning provides our customer with more room to grow. Many customers receive this service to alleviate low branches from impacting a lane way or a property. This may be due to heavy snow in the winters. It also allows the tree to stay standing. It cleans up the look of the tree and reduces hazards to the property.

What is Tree Pruning?

Tree pruning is trimming of a tree and its extremities. It cleans up the look of a tree and ensures to remove an hazard to a property that it may cause.

Why Pruning?

We trim hazardous trees near infrastructure that may cause damage. We also trim trees to improve the look of customers properties.

How Does It Work?

1. Contact Us

Phone:  519-375-6274

2. Estimate and Timeline

We do a free estimate to evaluate the tree and ways to trim it or remove it. Assessment for tree pruning and tree health occur during this estimate. An estimated time line is given as to when the job will be completed.

3. Notification and Removal

The customer is then notified 2-3 days prior to job completion. The day of the job involves an efficient completion of tree removal or trimming/prunning, full clean up and a satisfied customer.


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